Solid–State Drives

Your site will be faster with solid–state drives

All new desktop personal computers and laptop computers have solid–state disks and this is so for a reason. SSDs boast faster read & write speeds, making everything noticeably faster. Exactly the same will apply to your website suggested that you host it with Online Pluto – all the shared hosting servers are furnished with solid–state disks and all the websites hosted with us open considerably faster than those hosted on typical HDDs.

And the best part is that you do not have to change, tweak or configure anything at all to make it load faster.


A safe web application firewall program

Our company offers an instant method of protecting every web app in your cloud web hosting account, irrespective of whether it is freshly installed or has been imported from some other web hosting distributor. All our shared hosting plans include ModSecurity – a web app firewall software, which is enabled by default. We’ve configured it to momentarily intercept the majority of hack attacks. This implies that as soon as you host your website with us, it’ll be safer than before.

VPN Access

Secure, anonymous web browsing

If you reside in a region with tight web browsing rules but would like to examine the online world as much as possible, we have a solution for you. With each of our shared hosting packs, you can have VPN access and explore the Internet freely. All you have to do is set up a new network with the settings we offer then we’ll route both your incoming and outgoing web site traffic out of one of our Virtual Private Network data centers.

24x7 Support

Ask us anything at all. We’re at your disposal 24/7/365

Waiting for hours to get an answer from the help desk team is irritating, irrespective of how insignificant the problem is. For this reason, here, at Online Pluto, we provide you with a sixty–minute response guarantee, and our support team members regularly answer in less than twenty minutes through the ticketing system integrated into the Website Control Panel. They are at your disposal 24/7/365.

Faster Performance

Our new cloud hosting platform ensures a considerably faster overall performance for your web sites.

Data bandwidth has been increased to some 10 Gbit/s for the sake of improved online connectivity and swifter website load speeds. Additional web hosting servers were also added in order to make more efficient routine maintenance duties and to decrease service interruptions and downtimes. All user accounts have been moved to solid–state drives, which are significantly faster and much more dependable compared to the standard hard disks.

True Cloud Platform

We have created our own highly customizable shared hosting platform based on the most recent leading–edge technology. With every service (DNSs, emails, databases, apps, etc.) taken care of by an autonomous web hosting server, your site content will operate in the cloud and will also be entirely protected against occasional downtimes and service disturbances.

Enhanced Service Stability and Security

Do not be worried about your websites hosted on our cloud platform

We’ve developed our own shared hosting platform where performance stability is a main concern. Considering that the service load is uniformly spread between several hosting servers, your web sites will continue to load incredibly fast even if the web hosting server is under stress. This also implies that the web hosting platform is far less susceptible to hacker or DDoS assaults.

99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee

A ninety–nine point nine percent uptime for your websites

We’ve developed our very own custom shared hosting platform where the server load is reduced and a 99.9 percent uptime is guaranteed. Our administrators keep an eye on the physical machines 24–7 and implement daily server maintenance procedures. All our cloud web hosting plans offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee irrespective of whether you’ve chosen to host your sites in the US, in Europe or in Australia.

Web Accelerators

The Site Accelerator Applications (Memcached, Varnish and Node.js) incorporated into the hosting Website Control Panel, are there to substantially boost your dynamic websites’ speed.

They’re meant to store in a cache the info from your sites and thus decrease the number of requests to the database server or the API. This will help all your sites load considerably quicker than ever before and will allow you to attract more pleased site visitors, which means reduced bounce rates.

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